Bottle Cap ~ Sew-Through Jewel
Bottle Cap ~ Sew-Through Jewel

Bottle Cap ~ Sew-Through Jewel

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A precious sew-through bottle cap ready for your favourite garment ~ ! A hybrid item, the Bottle Cap ~ Sew-Through Jewel carries the beauty of a dazzling pin-brooch, merged with the eloquent sew-through nature of a handmade patch.  
A common gutter jewel, it is elevated here in solid sterling silver to wear with you as a charm of good fortune. Three small holes allow for the bottlecap to be attached where you please. 

This piece is derived from a genuine street-found bottle cap, moulded and cast in precious solid silver.  

Approx. Measurements ~ Height 3.1cm, diameter 2.7cm, thickness 0.15cm
Make Times ~ Cosmic Artifact prides itself on being exclusively made-to-order. This piece will be cast in precious solid silver, then finished by hand for that cosmic sheen. Please allow 2-3 weeks before shipment.
Shipping ~ All pieces come with free worldwide shipping ~ ! Please see the Make Times / Shipping page for all shipping estimates and information.
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