Custom Jewellery Handmade in Melbourne


GG in the Studio


I am open to all ideas for custom designs you may have in mind... Rings, pendants, charms, trinkets.... Think of the endless creations of unusual beauty ~ custom to your liking and one-of-a-kind ~ !

I hand-carve each piece from scratch using specialised jewellers wax, and use lost-wax casting to create your piece in precious metal. My metal of choice is sterling silver, although gold karat variations and gold plating can be available on request. Each piece is made by hand in-house, with a focus on sustainability and design.

Please let me know as much information as possible about your design idea when you are getting in touch. Some details may include: Type of piece (ring, earrings, necklace/pendant...), shape/style, any ideas for carving designs or patterns, monograms/initials, metal/s of choice, potential stones, any inside engraving (initials, dates, verse), finish time incase you have a date in mind, budget range, and any other details you may like to include....

The timing for custom work is estimated at around 6-8 weeks before postage. This includes initial sketches and consultations, a hand-carved wax prototype of your design (referenced for size/shape, then used for casting), and the casting, polishing and finishing of your piece in precious metal.

I'm happy to converse via email, phone/message, and WhatsApp, or alternatively I can be available to meet up if you are in Melbourne. This can also be helpful for sizing incase you are getting a ring made for yourself or someone else.

Please be in touch via or via the Contact form below, and I'll do my best to get back to you as soon as possible.


A cosmic star ring for PB ~ a personal piece comissioned for his lil' pinkie finger...


A rectangle signet ring for DKR ~ photographed here on some of the developmental sketches for the DKR monogram.  


A special piece made in time for their wedding ~ the S and C first initial of each partner are combined here, alongside a handcarved boar's head from the 'Healy Clan' coat of arms.


A sweet lil' duo ~ signet rings in solid sterling silver and 9ct yellow gold for Paradise Alley bar in Collingwood, Melbourne.


A custom silver wedding ring for Yoeri ~ a subtle twist on Cosmic Artifact's Guiding Light ring ~ with a YM/MY monogram of the couple's initials designed by Yoeri.


"Be the person you are meant to be".... A custom silver signet for Nick from Christina, in memory of JVM. This one was quite the special piece ~ from the initial consultation to the development of the monogram... The inside engraving... and experiencing the giving of the gift... 


A 9ct yellow gold band for Melbourne artist Miranda Scherger ~ designed to accompany an existing piece (seen here in the background)....


A mesmerising custom signet ring for Melbourne artist Miranda Scherger.

The design features shimmering lapis lazuli set in solid 9ct yellow gold ~ with surrounding carvings designed by Miranda....


A tantalising silver signet designed by Miki MB ~ the carvings incorporate a subtle initial monogram on the face, with sweet lil' sun and line motifs surrounding the band.... All for an expertly executed surprise gift ~ !


A diamond-shaped silver signet for Nocturnal Graves band, Melbourne ~ a one-of-a-kind custom piece bearing their iconic logo....


 Lil paradise signets for Paradise Alley bar, Collingwood (Melbourne, Aus) ~ in celebration of their second birthday ~ Xx


Feeling inspired ~ ? Send through your ideas or enquiries and we'll get this dream on the road ~ !